1. Ecowood Mix
Ecowood Mix
Ecowood Mix

Ecowood Mix

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Ecowood Mix is a wood plank porcelain flooring option that varies in size and color. It emulates wood flooring, but the porcelain aspect makes it more durable. The colors Ecowood comes in are white, beige, grey and brown. The sizes they come in are 9"x35" and 5.5"x35". Each color and size can be used in the same flooring, giving you multiple options on how to use the Ecowood. These pieces are a great way to mix and match colors and get a creative, yet rustic look from this wood plank porcelain series.

Best Used For:
Ecowood Mix wood plank porcelain is a tile that is used as an indoor and outdoor flooring option for light commercial and residential use. It is a great wood substitute because it is more durable and easier to clean. The various colors and sizes allow it to be used in a creative and fun where the options are endless. 

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