Ephesus 23x23 Lap ret


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Part Number:3087
  • Country of origin:Italy
  • Product Type:Porcelain Tile
  • Tile Finish:Matte and Lappato Polished
  • Tile Size:11 1/2x23 lap | 23x23 lap |12x24 nat | 24x24 nat
  • Coefficient of Friction:>0.42 Matte
  • Frost Resistance:Yes
  • Water Absorption:>0.05%
  • Packaging | 12x24 :11.62sq.ft/bx|6pc/bx|40bx/plt|464.80sq.ft/plt
  • Packaging | 24x24:11.62sq.ft/bx|3pc/bx|40bx/plt|464.80sq.ft/plt
  • Packaging Lap polished | 11.5x23:10.89sq.ft/bx|6pc/bx|40bx/plt|435.60sq.ft/plt
  • Packaging Lap polished | 23x23:10.89sq.ft/bx|3pc/bx|40bx/plt|435.60sq.ft/plt
  • PDF Download :Spec Sheet
Thanks to the high-tech research and production technology, EMPIRE reproduces the most beautiful and particular veins of the typical Tuscan marble, the Rapolano marble. The classical and noble character of the collection gives warm and trendy atmospheres to the spaces. Empire is available in 4 colors, in natural and lappato finishes for indoor solutions. 

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