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Selvas wood porcelain tile
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Selvas, named after the Turkish word for forest, is a unique collection designed to resemble salvaged timber. Each porcelain plank tells a unique story in it's design, changing it's character from piece to piece. The high quality printing technology allows the eye to be fooled easily into thinking this is aged wood freshly cut from century old trees. Our 4 color options provide drastically different results, yet all have their stunning reclaimed look in common, and truly elevate the rustic impact on a space. Available in size 6 x 36 planks. 

BEIGE: Our Beige line offers a warm neutral tone as it's base color, truly accenting each detail of the printed knots and grooves of the "Wood" plank porcelain tiles. The dark mocha accents in high contrast with the neutral backdrop are the perfect accent to a space craving character and distinction. We can picture this on a floor of a rustic cottage, on a display wall, or even in an industrial style loft. With versatility this great, the possibilities are endless. 

BROWN: This classic shade of brown infused with a unique grey wash look to excentuate each knot and grainline truly create a beautiful tile. The contrast on this tile is minimal, yet detailed, and works beautifully in a space that is in need of both texture and character, without the impact of a high-contrast color wave. The marraige between the cool and warm tones in this tile makes it ideal for application in almost any space, and allows your design to truly come to life. 

COLONIAL WHITE: Imagine that home on the corner of your childhood street. You know it by heart, the one with the gleaming white picket fence that stood proud for so many years. As you see it now, being removed from the property, you can't help but notice it is even more beautiful and unique now than in it's past life. The reclaimed markings, and areas where the paint has slightly scraped or weathered a particularly hard storm echo the history of the wood itself. This is the inspiration that serves for our Colonial White Wood Look porcelain tile. All the benefits of a cottage style white wood plank, with the minimal maintenance, Colonial White is a great choice for any space needing a light and bright makeover. 

SAMBA: Looking for a tile guaranteed to both make a statement and keep you interested for years to come? Look no further than Samba. Samba is a stunningly unique mixture of colors and textures, truly evoking the feeling of reclaimed wood. Warm and cool tones from grey to browns, distressed to non-distressed, this tile keeps you on your toes. This is a great style for rustic and industrial interiors, looking to shake things up visually. Shades and styles of planks vary from box to box, and no two pieces are meant to be too similar. 

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